Ü. Tolga BİLGİN was born in Ankara in 1974. He graduated from Bilkent University Faculty of Business Administration. He started working in the accounting and finance department of the company just after the university. Starting from 1998, he focused on development of wind projects, making the feasibility studies and conducting the administrational processes of these projects in the Ministry of Energy and National Resources (MENR). He was promoted to Project Development Manager in 2001 and he conducted the tender for electromechanical suppliers and the agreement process. He was also responsible for finding the project financing, making the negotiations and finalizing the finance agreement process. He administered the acquiring state permissions and project installation processes. He played a major and important role in realizing Bandırma WEPP, the first private sector licensed wind energy project in Turkey. Apart from those, he also leaded application, feasibility studies, financing and acquirement of state licenses process for the hydro power plants. He got the first volunteer carbon reduction certificate in Turkey for the wind and hydro projects of the group so that the company has started to trade in the world carbon market.

Ü. Tolga Bilgin was appointed as the CEO of the Bilgin Energy Holding and its subsidiaries in 2014 and he is still in the office. He was also appointed as a board member in Genel Energy, an energy company listed in the London Stock Exchange and an affiliate of Bilgin Energy, in 2016. Ü. Tolga Bilgin leaded the whole process of acquisition of Samsun Combined Cycle Natural Gas Power Plant from Austrian oil and gas company OMV, including bidding, purchasing, agreement negotiations and financing. This important acquisition doubled the installed capacity of the whole group portfolio and strengthened Bilgin Energy’s position of being one of the major key players in the Turkish Energy market.

Ü. Tolga Bilgin is still serving as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Bilgin Energy Holding and its subsidiaries He is married and has two sons.